The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Trapped on Dinosaur Island!

a FreeForm Game by Sandy Petersen

You're trustworthy of course, but look at the freaks around you - Cthulhu Cultists! Superheroes! Pirates! Cowgirls! And even the great Sioux Nation! How will you survive? How will anyone survive? (Plus there's dinosaurs.)

All is Well that Ends Well

a FreeForm Game by Philip Glass

In the sanctuary of the ‘Brotherhood of the Last Disciples of all Days’ a handful of chosen ones are waiting for salvation. According to their calculations, the world will end in three hours. Before that however, a few minor details wait to be cleared up: how could Brother Celestius calculate all of this with an abacus? Why is Brother Animus so nervous? Who is the new Brother? Are you ready?

Prax at War

a Miniature FreeForm Game by Grégory Privat

Prax is at war! The tribes steer in unrest! Nomads and foreign invaders lust after the valuable oases. Control over their precious water means to control the land and their magic grant power and influence over the native tribes. But this war is not won with weapons alone. The one who will gather the most allies under his banner will rule this ancient land…

System: Prax at War will be acted out with miniature units on a giant map. Every player commands his units on the board individually but diplomatic interactions between players are played out as in a FreeForm game. Movement and combat of the units will be resolved by the Gamemasters.

Cover & Background



Jaldon's Point

Sun Dome Temple



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August 4-9, 2010