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Stunning Eldritch Tales

Author: Robin D. Laws
Gamemaster: Pummel

Pummel is going to run the complete Stunning Eldritch Tales, a collection of four adventures written by Robin D Laws. In The Devourers In The Mist, castaway investigators face an ancient evil. In Dimension Y, the PCs witness an inventor's presentation of a new machine to peer into a non-Euclidean reality, and then feel reality slipping from beneath them. With Shanghai Bullets and Death Laughs Lasts, this collection demonstrates the strengths of the Trail of Cthulhu system.

System: Trail of Cthulhu (powered by Gumshoe) by Pelgrane Press

Stunning Eldrich Tales

A Seaside Mystery

Author & Gamemaster: Nick Davison

Scarborough, August 1890

A busy Yorkshire seaside resort next to the German Ocean at the height of the holiday season.

A town with two magnificent beaches, an impressive medieval castle on a headland separating the North and South Bay, bathing machines, fun palaces, a pier, cliff lifts, fine hotels and smaller boarding houses.

A dinner party for a renowned psychic hosted by a retired medical man who illustrated Grays Anatomy then became Deputy Surgeon-General of Indian Medical Service and is now Honorary Surgeon to the Queen. His guests include a doctor who has invented an artificial ice rink or glaciarium, a showman who runs the People's Palace, a retired soap magnate who also made a fortune investing in gas companies and the Director of the Spa Orchestra who composed 'Frankenstein, or The Vampire's Victim'... and a mysterious death.

System: Call of Cthulhu Gaslight

The Curse of Devil Mountain

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

Devil Mountain is a remote area, where locals dare not venture. It is said that witches cavort with vile unspeakable creatures upon the cragged heights on stormy nights. Nights like last night - when the wind ripped through the valleys, unroofing many a house, and lightning descended in dazzling handfuls followed by the ear-splitting sound of thunder. This morning, all was well again. A light wind rustled through the trees and gentle sunshine bathed the village in a warm glow.

By early afternoon, five people are dead. A strange metal is found in the stream - washed down from the bleak heights of Devil Mountain. The village elders are planning an expedition to find the source of the pollution and see what can be done to save the village's water supply. Will you volunteer?

System: Cthulhu 1920 Impromptu Extended Dice Remix

To Hell

Author & Narrator: Fabian Küchler

You have left your miserable life behind to take up the sword of Humakt. You have nothing left to lose but to embrace death is a feat on its own. Face the terrifying Fighting Pit and see if Humakt will accept you. Will you gain your sword? Your choices are grim: go to hell or starve in the wilderness.

System: HeroQuest Glorantha


Author & Gamesmaster: Glyn White

Seems like someone is out to get Frank Maddox's mob. There have already been three gruesome deaths on the North Side: Loanshark Tiny Babchick had a third of his body weight cut from him, thug Don Quinlan had a three inch wide hole drilled through his head, and bookie Lefty Koncil had his heart gouged out with something like a serving spoon. The commissioner wants his best detectives to shake up the underworld and get him answers fast.

System: Call of Cthulhu (1920s)

Prague 1771

Author & Gamesmaster: Glyn White

The investigators are a group of English and American adventurers led by the trail of the conspiracy to central Europe, deep in the Hapsburg Empire, where a fleeing sorcerer hopes to hide from the destruction they have visited on his allies. Only this time the investigators are far from home, far from help, in a strangely ghost-ridden foreign city where no one understands them.

System: Call of Cthulhu (Colonial Era Cthulhu)

Rise of the Kraken

Author & Gamemaster: Felix Girke

The rural seaside, far away from the main theatres of the second Aeon War, becomes the meeting ground of a number of flotsam-like characters, who - in the days to come - have to face up to a growing menace with the limited means at their disposable while dealing with secrets, horror, and more horrific secrets! In the end, can they take the horror back to their unearthly assailants, or will they succumb to the power of THE KRAKEN?

System: CthulhuTech (D10 Framewerk)

3:16 - Carnage among the Stars

Author: Gregor Hutton
Felix Girke

'Travel the Universe, and make it safe for humanity!', said the recruitment adds. 'JOIN NOW!' Now you joined the Terran Expeditionary Forces, and you do travel the universe, and - boy! - do you EVER make it safe for humanity. Planet by planet, asteroid by asteroid, nebula by nebula. No alien can stand in the way of your plasma rifle. Wherever the 16th Brigade of the 3rd Army of the TEF reach, you will only hear the beautiful sound of your sergeant's bark, the sucking hiss of vaporized atmosphere, and the happy ticking of the kill-counters.

System: Cthulhu (D10 based Indie System)

Pirates of Leng

Author: Jeremy Buxman
Felix Girke

In this world, the brave explorers, traveling across the great Western ocean, found no 'America'. They found the land of Leng, of Y'ha'nthlei, and foundered on the shores of dread R'lyeh. After pride-fuelled (and utterly disastrous) attempts at conquest, the European powers quickly realized that their prospects at trade where much more positive, and since then, the treasure fleets have been constantly crossing back and forth between the Old World and the Very Old World, loaded to bear, to the benefit of all. Especially to YOUR benefit - elder trinkets, disturbing works of art, exotic sacrificial slaves, ancient leather-bound tomes, and, from the depths of the sea, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD are yours for the taking. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Liao Drug!

System: Cthulhu (Resolution System with Tarot Cards)

Classroom Deathmatch

Author: Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte
Felix Girke

Attention, pupils! You are just now recovering from a strong sedative; so do not move too quickly while I give you your instructions. It is a great honor for our highschool that your class has been selected as participants in this episode of the nation-wide televised Classroom Deathmatch! In a short while, after I have explained the rules (with which, I am sure, most of you are already familiar from television) you will each receive a duffle bag with basic equipment and a weapon, and then be released into the staging ground. Remember, the game will go on until only one of you remains alive! Do me proud - all of our great nation Japan is watching you!

System: Cthulhu (Indie System, uses various dice); Characters are provided (all 50 of them)(No, not at the same time, one after another...)

The Horror in the Dark

Author & Gamemaster: Ian Cooper

A horror stalks the halls of the Red Cow. Clan folk huddle around their hearth fires in fear, waiting for the thing that rends hall doors asunder, tears victims limb from limb, and feasts on their flesh. Survivors talk of a hideous ogre, the 'old enemy' of the Red Cow. Chieftain Broddi and his thanes try their best to protect the clan, but none seem able to stand against 'the horror in the dark'.

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

I Scream

Author & Gamemaster: Matt Nixon

'Hokey Pokey, Penny a lump, Have a lick, Make you jump!'

These were the dying words of Ice-Cream magnate Mario Vance, but what is the chilling secret behind the odd rhyme, and the future inheritors of his company?

System: Dead of Night

Today's Special Value

Author & Gamemaster: Matt Nixon

Getting fired when TV Station '24-Seven Mega-News' was sold was bad enough, but to see it replaced by home shopping network 'A Good Deal Better' was just adding insult to injury.

Now three months later one of your ex-colleges has asked you to meet him regarding sinister information he has obtained about the Station's owner and what they are selling.

System: Call of Cthulhu (Modern Day)

Cyberhaunt: Chapter One - The Salvage

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

You are a 'Ghost', an electronically isolated human consciousness kept stable by a logical matrix. Far away from earth you are uploaded into electrobiological bodies and used for all kinds of perilous labor. Your current mission: the salvage of the Deep Space Probe 'Sagitaire 5', crashed a few weeks ago on a small planetoid it wasn't programmed to survey.

System: Sci-fi/Gothic Horror Impromptu Extended Dice Remix

Sine Requie Anno XIII

Authors: M. Cortini & L. Moretti
Gamemaster: Paolo Guccione

World War II has officially ended a few weeks after D-Day. However, neither the Axis nor the Allies have won. On the morning of June 6th, while the Allies were fighting on the beaches of Normandy, the fallen rose again, eager to consume the flesh of the living. It is now 1957, and your task is to survive in what is left of Europe thirteen years after the Rising of the Dead.

System: Sine Requie is a game of creepy horror that uses a Tarot Card resolution system.

Heart of Oak

Author & Gamesmaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

On the battlefields of Europe, the Emperor Napoleon marches Le Grand Armée against anyone who stands in the way of his inexorable expansion. However, one small island remains resolute and free; Great Britain. Whilst Napoleon may control the land, King George has control of the sea. The oak-built ships - the so-called Wooden Walls - patrol the seven seas ensuring that the French can never rest. Manned by brave men who live with the constant spectre of painful death or crippling injury, the tales of these ships are legend, and the names of their commanders live on through history.

System: Beat to Quarters

Beat to Quarters

Delta Green: Tolerance

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

Since the untimely demise of six officers in a bungled raid a few months ago, Nottingham has seemed to spiral out of control. Gun crime escalates and drug sales indicate addictions are of epidemic proportions with a new substance taking the street far more efficiently than anyone could have predicted. For the new CID team, the caseload mounts, the pressure from above increases, criminals see the weaknesses and delight in adding stress to the already precarious police force. It’s only a matter of time. Something's got to give.

System: Hot War (a Cthulhu Hack)

Delta Green: Tolerance

The Land of the Brave

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

A shattered Native American tribe is scattered upon once abundant hunting grounds, the mountains raped of their yellow rock and the sacred places desecrated by white man's folly. In the feverish search for Ghost Rock, that super fuel that screeches when ignited, something has been set free. The Manitous spread their wickedness and it falls to the remnants of a once proud people to put things right.

System: Deadlands Reloaded (Savage Worlds)

Deadlands Reloaded

Castle Bravo

Author: Bill White
Gamemaster: Nils Hinrichsen

The year is 1954. The Korean War recently ended in a hard-fought stalemate. Under the threat of Communist expansion, the United States is busily conducting secret tests to determine the explosive yield of different models of nuclear devices in Operation CASTLE. USS Bairoko (CVE-115), part of Joint Task Force 7, is monitoring Shot BRAVO. H-hour is in five minutes - so don your sunglasses NOW!

System: Trail of Cthulhu (powered by Gumshoe) by Pelgrane Press

Castle Bravo

The Horribly Lonely Mountain Lodge

Author: Frank Heller
Gamemaster: Nils Hinrichsen

A bus ride in the 1920s through scenic Maine winter mountains takes a detour, and all passengers to the test. How will you react, in the face of mortal danger and the lurking horror of the supernatural?

System: Call of Cthulhu (1920s)

Scenic Maine

Residenz Sonnenschein

By Nils Hinrichsen

Einen Lebensabend in Ruhe und Würde wünscht sich jeder - aber nicht jeder kann ihn sich leisten. Abgesehen von üblichen altersbedingten Einschränkungen drohen neben herablassenden Pflegern und undankbarer Verwandtschaft noch ganz andere Gefahren in diesem Pflegeheim aus der Hölle. Alt werden ist nichts für Schwächlinge!

System: Cthulhu (Gegenwart) - modifiziert für Investigatoren ab 75.

Residenz Sonnenschein

Der Schattengang

Autor & Spielleiter: Nils Hinrichsen

Das Leben eines Bergbauern ist hart genug - vor allem 1000 A.D.! Da hätte es der Gangsterbande gar nicht bedurft, die letzthin den Bärhegenhubel in Besitz und damit die Kontrolle über Euer Dorf und die Umgebung übernommen haben. Um Eure Familien zu retten und die Unabhängigkeit zu bewahren wird mehr nötig sein als fester Wille... Opferbereitschaft, vielleicht.

System: Cthulhu (1000 A.D.)

Der Schattengang

Kleiner Krieg

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

What proud young man would not want to serve in the elite Hesse-Cassel Field Jäger Corps? Familiar with nature, expert shot, independent, better paid, the chance of adventure in the New World! Join the just fight to subdue the unruly and treasonous thirteen colonies, in the service of His Royal Majesty George III, King of England.

System: Duty & Honour

Kleiner Krieg

The Sylkar Mystery

Author & Gamemaster: Greg Stafford

Imperial Command: Seven Lunar scholars are to be sent to resolve a problem. They are to outfit an expedition and go see...

System: HeroQuest Glorantha (A week-long mini-campaign!)

Tight Purse Harvey

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

Legendary, rich and the most handsome man in the Caribbean... Captain Tight Purse Harvey is none of these things, but he aims to be. With his rag tag crew of scurvy sea dogs, Harvey has a plot to steal Spanish gold - enough of it to retire once and for all. The only black spot on the horizon is the sail of his archenemy. Black. Alan. Mead.

System: Pirates of the Spanish Main (Savage Worlds)

Tight Purse Harvey

Borderlands (Campaign)

Authors: Various (Chaosium)
Gamemaster: Grégory Privat

The Duke Raus of Rone is looking for mercenaries to pacify the border of the Empire, in his concession on the border of the Zola Fell: You'll visit new exotic countries and have nice adventures in a sunny place!

System: Borderlands was my first ever RQ campaign. I ran it several times but never finished it. I offer to run it in a week, an adventure per day. Help me to finish it! You may play only one adventure or even all of them. Rules will be a simplified RQ rules system that copies HQ. We’ll have only 4 hours per mission: players are expected to play fast. Players who played previously will always have priority to play the next games. Players will have to make an imitation of a strong French accent!


The Problem with Neighbors

Gamemaster: Pedro Ziviani

What starts as a dispute with a neighbor takes a nasty turn when a settlement fails to be reached at the spring assembly. Our band of Viking warriors and runemasters now must face fierce battles, mythic creatures, and political intrigue at the law courts - it's life as usual in Viking Age Iceland.

System: Mythic Iceland (BRP)

The Blood of My Enemy

Gamemaster: Léo Páll Hrafnsson

Something evil stirs in Viking Age Iceland. Men are dying in their beds and being denied entry to Valhalla where only the brave who die in battle may enter. Can you find this menace and destroy it before you too are sent to Hel's realm with the sick and the old?

System: Cthulhu Dark Ages

Orlanth is Dead

Author: Ian Cooper
Gamemaster: Ian Cooper

Whitewall has fallen and Orlanth is dead. The Great Winter lies across Sartar. Cattle die, kin die. Your find it hard to catch your breath and the land's fertility is frozen in the cruel grip of winter. Red Cow Fort overflows with refugees. The Lunars have boarded up their citadel and give no aid. The Telmori howl outside the gates and ghouls stalk the land. How will the Red Cow survive the Great Winter?

System: HeroQuest Glorantha


August 4-9, 2010