The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Look who THE KRAKEN has snatched!

Steadfast KRAKEN allies known for their talents, brawn, wit and humor.

Sandy PetersenSANDY PETERSEN It is always rewarding to summon this Great Old One of the gaming spheres. Sandy is not only the famed Designer of the 'Call of Cthulhu' RPG, the man who put the fun into 'Doom' and 'Quake' but also the creator of Cthulhu Wars, his upcoming epic Cthulhu board game funded via Kickstarter! As befitting the founder of Green Eye Games he has vowed to bring us as much 'Cthulhu Wars' goodness as he can schlep PLUS the prototype of his NEW Glorantha board game Gods War! Get ready to play and test-play yourself insane with Uncle Sandy. Of course he will also do the 'usual' stuff like running classic 'Call of Cthulhu' sessions for winners of our 'Horror Lottery', showing movies from his weird DVD collection and educate us about insects, the Civil War and other arcane subjects like Daniel der Zauberer (Warning: Researching 'Daniel der Zauberer' might result in sanity loss.).

As one of the most influential contributing authors to Glorantha you can also expect to see Sandy 'Mr. Trollpack' Petersen at our Glorantha events. He will tell tales of the discoveries of his ongoing Glorantha campaign and spill forgotten secrets of our beloved fantasy world.

Jeff RichardJEFF RICHARD is the Creative Director of Moon Design Publications and as such the new Glorantha powerhouse. He will haul wagonloads of pure Gloranthan gold to THE KRAKEN, including the already legendary Guide to Glorantha with all its glorious maps, and the new HeroQuest Glorantha. Jeff will run a series of linked HeroQuest games, pitching opposing Gloranthan denizens against each other in epic conflicts! He looks forward to hosting a multitude of Glorantha seminars and help run Sandy’s Glorantha board game Gods War.

Gregory PrivatGRÉGORY PRIVAT is our multitalented game craftsman and creator. He designs, builds and paints amazing miniature games and invents all kinds of other fun games that kill boredom in no time. This year he will bring his first full-flagged roleplaying game called BIMBO. Apart from running games he also wants to paint all miniatures of the 'Cthulhu Wars' copy of THE KRAKEN in a workshop. Anyone up to help him and learn to paint monster miniatures from the Mythos? He will also host a workshop to further develop his Glorantha board game Elder Plans that was created at THE KRAKEN 2012 and will bring a TOP SECRET board game prototype as well.

Jason DurallJASON DURALL is a longtime Chaosium devotee, working his way through 'Stormbringer', 'Call of Cthulhu', 'Runequest', 'Pendragon', 'Worlds of Wonder', 'ElfQuest', 'Ringworld', 'Superworld' and other such fine games. He leapt into the Chaosium fold with an early credit on 'Elric!' and later wrote 'Slaves of Fate' for 'Dragon Lords of Melnibone'. He was the principal author on the Big Gold Book: 'Basic Roleplaying', and has dabbled in writing for other BRP and CoC-based games such as 'The Laundry' and 'Achtung! Cthulhu'. Most recently, he wrote the diceless roleplaying game 'Lords of Gossamer & Shadow'. Professionally, he was the lead writer on 'Wizard101' and others, and is now the lead designer on 'Drakensang Online' here in Germany.

August 20-25, 2014