The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Rise of Ralios: Reborn

A classic Glorantha FreeForm rewritten by Hervé and Eric Vanel

King Meime of Kustria has invited the rulers, high priests and champions of all Ralios to the Great Tourney his House hosts every year. All disputes are to be settled by jousting and combat, as is the proper way, so innocents do not suffer from war. Yet this year is particularly tense. The city-states of Safelster are under many threats, from within and without. Would-be invaders also strut in the arena, and many say Arkat, the legendary Hero who became a God a millennium ago, will soon walk the land again!

So you have all gathered at King Meime's court with your conflicting agendas, ready to use all your assets: fighting prowess, magical power, social abilities, sharp wits and military might in the service of your objectives. You must prevail! Yet no-one can succeed alone, and will need allies to thwart your enemies. Choose both wisely; in these troubled times anything can happen…

Rise of Ralios board

Rise of Ralios board close-up

The strategic element of 'Rise of Ralios: Reborn': A boardgame with counters in the classic Chaosium, Inc. style. Map and counters illustrated by the faboulus Dario Corallo.

The Scions of Dr. Mabuse

A criminally insane FreeForm by Philip Glass

After being torn to shreds by Prof. Baum, the testament of Dr. Mabuse is scattered to the winds. For many years, the secrets of the great criminal lie dormant, waiting to ensnare the weak and the greedy. One by one, the papers have been found and put to use. Secret societies and cults have formed while unearthly powers are bent on reuniting them in the hands of a new master criminal...

Enfield, 1947. The renowned collector and anthropologist Dr. Evensong lies dead in his study. His desk has been broken into and the floor is littered with blood-smeared documents, papers and old books - all this in the middle of a small dinner party in the honour of the late doctor's last book 'Rites of the Orkneys'!

The guests are in shock - and under suspicion. A servant is sent out on bicycle to inform the police. Meanwhile, a brooding evil is plotting its next move...

August 20-25, 2014