The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Chaosium, Inc.

ChaosiumChaosium, Inc. is the legendary games publisher of 'Call of Cthulhu' and many other great games located in Hayward, close to San Francisco. Aeons-old bonds of friendship, strengthened by the occasional sacrifice and BBQ feast, reach across the Atlantic or Pacific (depending on which way you look) and bind THE KRAKEN to this fine game publishing house and the other way around.

Ludik Bazar

Ludik BazarAll hail to Ludik Bazar and it's steadfast owner and mighty fine fellow Piotr Borowski! This awesome shop of new, used, discounted and rare games is not only the adventurous supporter and raw material provider of ALL projects of gaming wonder Grégory Privat but an official sponsor of THE KRAKEN from the beginning.

Green Eye Games

Green Eye GamesGreen Eye Games is the game publisher founded and run by none lesser then Sandy Petersen himself. Green Eye Games' first game is the smashing Kickstarter board game hit 'Cthulhu Wars'. It would be unthinkable for them to miss supporting THE KRAKEN.

Moon Design

Moon DesignMoon Design, is the publisher of Glorantha with products like 'The Guide to Glorantha' and 'HeroQuest Glorantha'. They believe in the 'game local' philosophy of gaming events. THE KRAKEN is one of their favorites, and they hope all of you enjoy the gaming vacation as much as they do. Needles to say they are proud sponsors of THE KRAKEN.

Editions Sans Detour

Editions Sans DetourEditions Sans Detour is the French publisher of 'Call of Cthulhu' and boy is their stuff nifty, pretty and cool. We are honored to include this illustrious publishing house to the sponsor list of THE KRAKEN. We are delighted to check out their new games ‘BIMBO’ and ‘Cardinal’s Blade’.

The Design Mechanism

The Design Mechanism The Design Mechanism is the publisher of the stunning 'RuneQuest 6' and great supplements as 'Monster Island’. They are proud to support THE KRAKEN a gaming event as fine as their games.

Nocturnal Media

Nocturnal Media is the publisher of the fantastic ‘Pendragon’ RPG. They do not only keep this classic game alive but also sponsor an event like THE KRAKEN filled with gamers that have a soft spot in their hearts for Arthurian roleplaying.

Pegasus Spiele

Pegasus SpielePegasus Spiele is the German publisher of 'Call of Cthulhu' at home in the lovely Hessian town of Friedberg. Located in the vile, rural Hessian back-country Pegasus Spiele can be considered the German equivalent of Chaosium but more sinister and ruthless - as expected from a publishing house and game retailer run by Hessians. Their support for THE KRAKEN is not unexpected since we even share our minions to get the vile jobs done.

Alephtar Game

Alephtar GamesAlephtar Games' catalog includes third party supplements for Basic Roleplaying, RuneQuest, HeroQuest and other cool games people play at THE KRAKEN. Alephtar Games will also publish the Italian edition of RuneQuest 6. They received an Ennie Award for their flagship product BRP Rome while attending the launch edition of THE KRAKEN, so they consider this convention as a bringer of Good Karma.

MODIPHIUS Entertainment

Modiphius EntertainmentModiphius are the publisher of the terrifying Achtung! Cthulhu roleplaying game setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds as well as Mutant Chronicles and much more. They have seen great portents in the stars and so humbly support the great KRAKEN!

August 20-25, 2014