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Forgotten Scerets of Glorantha

Sandy Petersen

Enjoy the full transcript of the awesome Sandy Petersen seminar 'Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha' at THE KRAKEN 2014 with illustrations by Jon Hodgson.

If you want to preorder a print copy of this limited and numbered KRAKEN Chapbook write to fabian(AT) We will also ship preordered copies worldwide.

Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha

Robin D. Laws

Quest for Story! Quest for Adventure!

"I am impressed. Robin has done it again. He's applied his incisive power to come up with a versatile and understandable system of creating story driven adventures in Glorantha. Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha is a must for every Narrator and player."
                    - Greg Stafford

"I am excited to see that Robin Laws has written a useful guide to gamemastering (and playing) in the amazing world of Glorantha. I read it thoroughly, and think it has handy ideas for other roleplaying games as well, though obviously it is particularly focused on entertaining campaigns set in rich universes."
                    - Sandy Petersen

"Despite the title, this invaluable reference is useful to gamemasters and players alike for any game setting. Laws' guidelines are scalable, helping focus character motivations, NPC behavior, adventure goals, and the campaign as a whole. The chapbook presents an easy-to-use adventure structure fostering player agency while letting the gamemaster steer things towards a satisfying, coherent narrative. A worthy addition to the ever-growing (yet all-too-short) shelf of gaming advice."
                    - Jason Durall

Sharper Adventures in HQ Glorantha

Learn to harness the flexibility of the HeroQuest rules to build sharper, more rewarding Gloranthan scenarios.

Original system designer Robin D. Laws returns from the other side with tips, tricks and structures to make your adventures as open and wild as the world of Glorantha itself.

Master the power of the core activity, the underlying action that propels your heroes into mystery and danger.

Heighten the excitement with emotional stakes ensuring that players, and their characters, commit fully to their exploits.

Build resilient frameworks for your adventures by studying a simple three-act structure.

Discover how to bend existing scenarios to the needs of your players.

Uncover the secret of juicing up an adventure from the playerís side of the table.

Explore obstacles, the fundamental building blocks of adventure storytelling, from the inside. Construct them step-by-step, from the dilemmas that set them up, to the choices and consequences that give them meaning, to the rooting interest that keeps player knuckles white.

The first ever KRAKEN Chapbook, Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha lays out in a concise few pages a master class in adventure construction, applicable far beyond any one game or setting.

Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha is availabe as PDF here for $6.95.

For a print copy please write to fabian(AT)

October 2-5, 2015