The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Appreciation of our first Gaming Vacation...

Thank you to KRAKEN –

We must always strive, experiment and seek to improve the world – especially the all-important world of Gaming!

KRAKEN has done this! Bold move gentlemen. This has been a pleasure to play games, to run games, to talk & meet everyone present.

Thank you Fabi & Crew for another great time with good friends.

Game On!

Greg Stafford

Another Great Venue!

Good friends, good food, good games, Good freeforms, good discussions, good movies, good conversations, good planning, good weather, good flowers. KRAKEN gets 9 out of 10! And it only loses 1 because of me, who did movies.

Sandy Petersen

Thanks for a lovely stay. Good times, Good folks & Great food.

love Dan

My first gaming vacation. I really enjoyed the extra time, to catch up properly with old friends and new. That rarely seems to last long enough at conventional cons. The atmosphere was relaxed, breakfast late enough that you could ‘chew the fat’ until late and still get enough sleep before rising. I enjoyed the range of games, having the chance to try something other then the Gloranthan and Cthulhu games that brought us together in the first place.

It was nice to have space in the guesthouse to talk in comfort as well as room in the garden to game or talk in the hot weather. And then the atmosphere of the big house.

Awesome job by the whole crew. Thanks for giving up your time for this.


PS Next time I'll bring a fly swat!

Thank you for a great time with a lot of great people. I enjoyed staying here, having a time of food with some time between for gaming! Take care & see you next time.


I had a great vacation, met lot’s of people with interesting and fun scenarios and concepts in their pockets. Great gaming, very tasty food and all this a mere 9 hours from my doorstep :) Thank you team, I’ll be back next year for sure!


Fabi, thanks for a fine vacation. Everybody else, thank for being here, playing our games, talking games, Glorantha and whatever else.

That is – Fabi and team of course!


There's a new place of power in the east. Congratulations, have a long life & thank you!

Gregory Privat

It’s been a nice little gaming vacation. A lot of new ideas and concepts were unveiled. A bit too long for me, yet fun enough,

Thank you all,

John van Krieken

It was a great vacation, with marvelous people and all the time we needed to game and talk. A new, and great convention format!

Paolo Guccione

It was my first gaming vacation. It was great. A lot of interesting people and a lot of fun.

Thank you a lot.

Vlada Kuznecova

I have had a blast. And that was six days in a row! So thank you Fabi, Sven, and all for this marvellous Gaming Vacation (remember: it’s _not_ a convention!).

Vielen Dank und hoffentlich können wir auch nextes Jahr zusammen spielen und alle unsere Freunde noch mal treffen!

Gianni Vacca

Takk fyrir mig, þessi vika hefur verið mjög skemtileg jafnvel þótt ég hafi fengið magavírus.

(Thank you, this weekend has been a lot of fun even though I got a stomach virus.)

Kuedjar Leó Páll Hrafnasson

Danke schön für diese Con. Es macht viel Spaß.

Spencer Lawrence Freedom Petersen


… auf eine ziemlich coole Weise. Das Schloss ist die nächste Evolutionsstufe nach der Burg, und bis auf die armen Dinosaurier sind alle GUT bedient gewesen. Also: KRAKEN 2011!


What a week! So cool! So entertaining! So great people! Many thanks for having organized this “Gaming Vacation”. Special thanks to the castle people for their care! It was amazing!

See you next


Great location and fun times. Thanks to everyone who organized the event. Also great to see everyone. Thanks for being so friendly.

Nick, Gemma, Brisen + Morgana

All hail the kraken! We’ll do it again in 2011.


Fabian and Fabulous Crew!!

I so wish we could have made the full week but even one day rocked!!

Thanks –

Jeff, Claudia, Finn

Green tentacle gone

Behold! Thy slimy Kraken!

A great vacation.

Nils Hinrichsen

Guys, what a great Con... cept! Very fun, very relaxed, very good idea altogether. Thanks for putting this together for us all, and good luck with these vacations in the future.

Alex F.

By Gods !

This Was A Great Co… Vacation!

Time went way too fast, although I had time to do everything interesting. I am really glad that Fabian talked me into this on the last minute. Expectations where high, performance higher. I’m gonna be here next year.

Juho Korolainen

A Hearty Thanks to Fabian, Daniel, Swen, Sven, Pummel and the rest of the hard-working Kraken crew – a well run ship charting an exiting new course across the gaming seas!

I’ve really enjoyed the great mix of games and activities as well as the lovely location and the plentiful food & drink.

I look forward to spying more monstrous beasts of the depths in 2011.

Simon Wray

The salty tears at the demise of Tentacles are washed away by the glorious rise of the Kraken. It was a bold move to try a gaming vacation, but fortune favours the bold. Great few days, and as promised, plenty of time for gaming and also important socializing and getting to know the crew. All bases have been covered, organization splendid as always, fantastic venue, good people… I look forward with eager anticipation to seeing this baby Kraken grow into a mature and mighty thing of beauty.

Congratulations and thanks to Fabian, the Svens (x2), Pummel, Daniel and anyone else involved in the event including of course the long suffering wives and girlfriends!

A genuine and rare pleasure to meet and game with so many interesting and lovely people for a decent stretch of time.

Book my room for next year – the Hessen Jägers will return…

Gaz (Evil)

4-9 August 2010

I want to thank the whole Kraken Team for a great vacation. This could not have been done any better and I will have to give it 10 stars. I did my first free-form which was great (Thank you Sandy). I made a Fimo Shogoth and painted it (Thank you Gregory). The room, garden and the staff are great (Thank you staff) Saw the worst movie of all time “The House” or as they said in the film “Hous-u” (Thanks Sandy)

Lots of fun, laugther and chats (Thanks to all the wonderful guests)

I hope The Kraken team will make my wish come true and have another vacation next summer. I will ask Santa for this for Christmas so I hope he’ll pass the message on to you Kraken team. After all there are 13 Santas in Iceland so I’m sure at least 1 of them will be able to get this request to the Kraken Headquarters.

Again thank you many, many times and I hope to see you are next year.

Best wishes and all the thanks.


KRAKEN 2010 has been great for me (us). I’ve learned a lot about German gaming, played in things that just can’t be reproduced elsewhere Prax at War!, Dinosaur Island, and have had some great gaming of Call of Cthulhu (I ran 3) and other new games. The setting & service have been excellent and we’ve hoping for Kraken to rise again!

Glyn White & Michaela Schoop

Großartig – nächstes Mal bin ich für 5 Tage mit dabei.

Es war gaaanz toool, und das Essen war auch toll!

Manchmal war das Wetter nicht ganz so toll!

Einige Leute waren toll, manche toller.

Wir kommen gern wieder.

Ich mag hier!

Sven, Linus , Nadine

Thanks for
the fun!
BBQ in
rain… Games… food…


Thanks to the Kraken team for a wonderful vacation and great events and games. It was great to have the time over many days to get to talk and know better the people that I had only briefly talked to before. I played my first Free Form and loved it.

I just wish there were more days, as with all the fun and games, it felt really short!

Thanks again for the wonderful times.

Pedro Zivanni

Ich glaube es war gut. Ich bin zur Zeit zu sehr mit anderen Dingen beschäftigt, um ein abschliessendes Urteil zu fällen. Vielleicht nach meinem Umzug.

Allerdings ist es mir jades mal ein “Innerer Reichsparteitag” Euch zu treffen.

Bis dann und so…

Pummel “Master of Kraken”
“Lord of the Harz”
“The President”

P.S. Oh Baby….

Thanks to all for coming here. It was a great experience for us to see people from all over the world playing games we didn’t know and at first even didn’t understand. You gave us the chance to get a first glance of a “new world” and – hopefully – to improve our English ;-)

We’d be happy to see all of you again next year.

Hope you enyojed the time at Schloss Neuhausen.

Thanks to all

Yardena + Peter + whole team of Schloss Neuhausen

October 19-22, 2018