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Celebrating 50 Years of Glorantha

Greg Stafford gave us Glorantha
Time to give something back: a Duck Army.

Here is an idea for the Tribe to celebrate 50 Years of Glorantha this year: Send your thanks and some love to Greg Stafford, the wonderful creator of Glorantha, by helping to raise a Duck Army for him!

Just download the fantastic Durulz illustrations from Dan Barker, Simon Bray, Jan Pospisil, Jon Hodgson, Dario Corallo and Stewart Stansfield. Print the Duck of your choice (or print 'em all), use a pen and personalize it with your gratitude, some humor or an anecdote, then send it in an envelope to Greg's fan mail address:

Greg Stafford
c/o Bones
799 H St
Arcata, CA 95521

Greg's wife Suzanne has set up this fan mail address for us to use so it will be a bit of a surprise for Greg.

It would be cool to see some of your Ducks as pictures online here:

Spread the word: The Duck Army is mustering! #DuckArmy

Duck Dan Barker
downloadable version here

Duck Dario Corallo
downloadable version here

Duck Jan Posipel
downloadable version here

Duck Jon Hodgson
downloadable version here

downloadable version here

Duck Dan Barker
downloadable version here

Duck Steward Stansfield
downloadable version here

Send more ducks!
Send more Ducks for the #DuckArmy, fans of Glorantha, send more! Picture by Suzanne 'Bones' Stafford.

September 7 ducks
More Ducks and a happy Greg.

Duck figure
Someone even sent a Duck miniature!

Greg covered in ducks
Here we go! Send more Ducks I can still see his face!

Greg's Duck salad
Greg Stafford is having a Duck Salad

October 19-22, 2018